Kansallista kulttuuria elvyttämässä

Musiikki Viron, Latvian ja Suomen kulttuuriviikoilla 1967–1969


  • Simo Mikkonen


Reviving the national culture: Music in the cultural weeks of Estonia, Latvia and Finland, 1967–1969

This article delves into the cultural exchanges between two Soviet republics, Estonia and Latvia, and Finland during the late 1960s. The focus is particularly on the national culture weeks that took place between 1967 and 1969 among these countries. The Estonian national week, in particular, highlighted Estonian national culture rather than the broader Soviet culture. This week was organized at the local level, and in Finland, it saw the active involvement of bourgeois circles in its organization, as opposed to the Finnish left, which was typically more engaged with the Soviet Union. Consequently, Estonian culture garnered significant attention in Finland, paving the way for further cooperation in the future and boosting the careers of several conductors and musicians. Finnish cultural weeks in Estonia and Latvia, as well as the Latvian national week in Finland, serve as points of comparison to the Estonian national week.


Mikkonen, S. (2023). Kansallista kulttuuria elvyttämässä: Musiikki Viron, Latvian ja Suomen kulttuuriviikoilla 1967–1969. Musiikki, 53(4). https://doi.org/10.51816/musiikki.142333