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Lectio praecursoria: Oppilaan toimijuus yhteismusisoinnissa


  • Eveliina Stolp


Lectio praecursoria: Student agency in whole-class playing in music education

Eveliina Stolp’s doctoral dissertation contributes to the research field of student agency by examining student agency in whole-class playing in primary school through the reported experiences of teachers and students. It approaches and explores agency through the conceptualizations from the fields of education and music education research, building bridges between the disciplines. The overall dataset comprised 11 music teachers from 10 primary schools and 23 sixth-grade students from one classroom. Overall, the present thesis provides both theoretical and practical knowledge of the role of a teacher and the potential of entrainment as a tool for establishing both individual and relative aspects of students’ agency in whole-class playing.






2024-04-05 — Päivitetty 2024-04-10



Stolp, E. (2024). Lectio praecursoria: Oppilaan toimijuus yhteismusisoinnissa. Musiikki, 54(1). https://doi.org/10.51816/musiikki.144761 (Original work published 5. huhtikuuta 2024)