”Musiikkia mielisairaalassa” – Musiikin ja musiikkiterapian merkitys historiallisesta näkökulmasta Suomen psykiatrisissa sairaaloissa


  • Sami Tynys


There have been musical activities in Finnish psychiatric hospitals since early on. Modern music therapy, on the other hand, began much later. Both of these traditions are now fading, due to closure of psychiatric hospitals and reshaping of psychiatry. The past experience could still be applied as a part of the existing system. It would be ideal if also adult patients could benefit from the proven powers of music in the future. The aim of this article is to discover the applications and meanings of music and music therapy in Finnish psychiatric hospitals from 1841 to 2016, as a part of author’s doctoral studies in music therapy.
Author’s doctoral dissertation focuses on psychiatric music therapy of working-age adult patients, and how this therapy and its employment have changed from historical and contemporary perspectives.

The research materials of this article consist of hospital histories (texts and photographs), annual hospital reports, and professional literature on music
therapy. The applied research method was qualitative content analysis. To interpret and analyze the results, the so-called hermeneutic circle was used. In addition, the authors of aforementioned literature on music therapy were interviewed by phone. In these interviews they were requested to evaluate the created concepts and their definitions. Author’s meanings of music therapy could thus be carefully identified by using descriptive classification.

The article suggests that music has been utilized in hospitals in multiple ways, through connections to hospital culture, treatment and rehabilitation, and religion. If compared to its early design, music therapy and its purpose have become more specific. Later forms of music therapy have acted as an integral part of general hospital services; as a service by therapists rather than communal activity. Further research is required on the evolution of psychiatric services and for better description of the changes and processes.






Tynys, S. (2020). ”Musiikkia mielisairaalassa” – Musiikin ja musiikkiterapian merkitys historiallisesta näkökulmasta Suomen psykiatrisissa sairaaloissa. Musiikki, 46(1), 63–91. Noudettu osoitteesta https://musiikki.journal.fi/article/view/97144