Viisijakoisuus suomalaisuussymbolina suomalaisessa virsikirjassa 1800-luvulla


  • Marianne Ahmaoja


Friedrich Richard Faltin senior (1835–1918) was the leading church musician of his time in Finland. He worked, among many other things, as an organist and organ teacher in Helsinki. Faltin’s main contribution to the Finnish church music was the chorale book for the 1886 hymnal. His chorale book was actively used for almost 50 years in Finland in congregations, schools and homes.

The 5/4 meter gained its place in the chorale book as the result of the work of the chorale committee, in which also Faltin worked. The 5/4 meter was considered original to the rhythm of Finnish language and music. During the late 19th century, the finding and establishing of foundations and expressions for the Finnish culture were main objectives of especially the intellectuals Incorporating the 5/4 meter to the chorale book opened avenues for the later inclusion of other spiritual folk anthems in the chorale book.

In his letters during the chorale committee time Faltin expressed his thoughts on hymn singing, Finnish spiritual songs and their usage as hymns in the hymnal of the Evangelical-Lutheran church in Finland. These letters form the foundation for this article.






Ahmaoja, M. (2020). Viisijakoisuus suomalaisuussymbolina suomalaisessa virsikirjassa 1800-luvulla. Musiikki, 45(3-4), 119–151. Noudettu osoitteesta